Saturday, September 2, 2017

The Ace

Yesterday I have read article on the web about Douglas Carl Engelbart...
I'm working on The Ace like Douglas Carl Engelbart worked on his NLS - of course I'm not man able to compare, but I'm always making The Ace better and better in my eyes and cannot finish. This situation killed NLS release and I don't want to kill The Ace - so, all what I need is to make at least minimum of functions working together and release it as soon as possible. But I'm missing the same - any leader who can leading me to do that.
Miro Karkus: Guidance from Douglas Carl Engelbart NLS (oN Line System) Operating System
MIRKOSOFT, 15 July 2017


  1. Hello , any news about your project or it has been stopped?

  2. Work is not stopped, but I have not so many free time how I wish.
    I'm preparing new UI enhancement which allows all computers use features before only on C128, in May I will update The Ace website and also Commodore 128 Tips&Tricks website.

    My goal is to finish it no matter how many time it will cost.
    Thank you for comment.

  3. I'm pleased to follow you. Good luck with the project!